Furniture and Art

Many styles of art are reflected in more than just art objects, and furniture is one of them. Almost any art genre has its collection of designers who spread their vision throughout the culture, and their pieces are in demand during revivals. Furniture is often a part of this type of art style because it is long lasting, and yet it can be used in everyday life. Those who took care of their pieces have a reminder of the past, and they also have a way to redecorate to stay in style today.

Mid-century modern is currently the vintage style that is popular, and furniture was a large part of this artistic movement. Homes built in this style featured clean lines, and they brought the outdoor world into the home. The furniture style that matches this also has clean lines, but many of the colors were quite sedate. This helped to minimize the impact of furniture on the natural world look that was popular.

Decorating a modern home with mid-century modern furniture often means settling for reproductions, but homeowners who want the look are willing to use them. They must be the exact style and dimensions of the original design, and furniture makers are busy creating a supply to match today’s demand. Each piece must be crafted to fit into a home as if it was part of the original design, and the color must be bland enough to compliment the overall look.

Color comes in other areas in this style, and many of them are in the accessories that go with the furniture pieces. While mid-century modern design was mainly part of the 1950’s, a decade later artists were still designing art to go with it. They kept the bright colors to add a pop of color to the straight lines and greenery that was the hallmark of this style.