Jewelry and Accessories

The vintage clothing popular today still needs accessories and it is important to find just the right pieces. Today’s vintage styles are not about being serious, so fun and fabulous are important. They are extra pops of color or shape that will finish an outfit, and they need not be expensive. As long as they give a sense of purpose or style to the clothing being worn, they will always be just the right thing to wear.

Color has always been part of the clothing world, and the vintage era clothing now being sought has plenty of it. That does not mean it should be embellished with drab jewelry or accessories, and the size and shape matter as well. Jewelry that is small should be colorful, and large pieces have to pop lest they blend into the outfit. If they are not noticeable, they are not fulfilling their function.

Good taste is important, so choosing just the right fashion components is important. If a white dress with red polka dots is worn, wearing a bright red or shiny black belt is ideal. Red is a vibrant color that will help the dots stand out, and a shiny black belt draws the eye to the center of the outfit. Each one of these items will give focus, and it is their main function in the outfit.

Jewelry can be difficult to choose, but sorting it into categories is helpful for the modern vintage lover. If it is bright with color, then it can be small or medium sized. Metal jewelry pieces without a lot of color often need to be oversized to draw a viewer’s attention, so they can be worn with outfits that do not require more color to finish them. Purses and bags can be divided into the same categories, but shoes must fit correctly, so bright colors or lavish style are their categories.